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Hi everyone!!!

Today is the release day of SodaCity on Steam!!!

You can check it out Right over here  :D (Big Grin) 

SodaCity Steam by ArmandoFlores

Because of that we launch it with a 15% off the normal price! until December 15. We also make a Deluxe version that includes the OST (Original Sound Track) of 25 songs, it also has the 15% off.
YAY! :happybounce: Clap 

Thanks guys! keep making art!


I just wanna tell you guys that SodaCity is part of a bundle over at! :happybounce: 

You can check it out right HERE  :D (Big Grin) 

Thx guys!

Edit: the bundle is already over. :( (Sad)
Sorry for being messing, but work has been crazy, but I am, back? hopefully yes, the work hasn't been done, there is so much else to do. For does who dose not know I am an indie game Artist, co-founder of TochasStudios, and we just released our first serious game called SodaCity into Steam Greenlight (if your are able to go there and vote, it would be really appreciated by us).:) (Smile) 

A few minutes ago y Submitted 7 minimalist portraits of the game, which are the playable character of the game (MrRedd) and the 6 bosses you will encounter (ESE, KanLee, Littled'Bob, DrM, Lawrence McCash and Vincent BottleCap). I really hope you like them I made them with lots of love and dedication Clap.

So let me tell you something about the game, this is the official description we made:


SodaCity is a fictional metropolis where inhabitants are soda cans, dominated by the organized crime, violence and warfare.

You play as Mr. Redd, who’s on a personal vendetta against SodaCity’s organized crime. Mr. Redd is a retired bounty hunter who seeks to avenge his brother’s death, carrying a one-can assault on every single criminal territory until he destroys every one of the city’s bosses.

A part of our team is a musician, (a very talented one if you ask me) that why we have the opportunity to make an in-house OST (original Sound Track) so please Check it out here! as well you could check out our youtube channel to watch one or the two trailer we made to the game (youtube link)

I really hope this game is of your interest, it took us a little more that 3 years of develop but we put all the love, emotion, effort and the best of our abilities to make the best game possible  

Thanks for reading this, have a really nice day and please any question or comment would be really appreciated it 

I had the pleasure of doing a couple of covers for CDs made by my brother, I really believe he is a talented musician, I saw how he work hard to achieved his skill in the instrument so I would appreciate if you pay him a visit to his Bandcamp page and give him some love, listening to some of his music and I really hope you guys like it!

p.s. it's kind of rock music and it's instrumental music but thats the kind of music I hear... well and Hip Hop jajaja



thanks for stopping by, I just want to say that I have a society6 page!!!. All my final pieces will be available for purchase there!

(here it supposed to be a screenshot of my page, but for the life of me I could not insert it!!!Sweating a little... ) 

See you there!!!